Thursday, August 12, 2010


With Leopard patterns it's easy to cross the limits of "too much". The three outfits shown below are examples of how I would add an extra touch to the look by using the pattern.

Outfit 1
Blazer, Topshop
Hat, Asos
Scarf, Gina Tricot
Blouse, Gina Tricot
Leopard Bow, Monki
Jeans, Modekungen
Shoes, Nastygal
Doctors bag, Asos

Outfit 2
Earrings, Asos
Ring, Topshop
Leather Jacket, Modekungen
Knitted top, Topshop
Maxi skirt, Monki
Leopard Bag, Topshop
Brogues, Modekungen

Outfit 3
Coat, Monki
Earrings, Asos
Clutch, Asos
Shoes, Christian Louboutin
Leopard Dress, Topshop

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