This is what it is all about....

Inspiration from everything that comes my way...
Includes inspiration from different medias;
Street style
Movies etc.

Do It Yourself project...
Contains simple ways of transformng your forgotten garments to IT pieces of the season.

Shopping Guide mainly for Barceloneers.
The city contains a wide mix of different shops and they are certainly a mess to re-locate when needed.

Moodboards concerning everything that is beautiful.
I love an uncoherent mess of gadgets, miss matching fabrics and garments and aesthetically beautiful combinations. Especially in moodboards.

Bargains is a kind of a sport for me. I´m always in a search for low priced fashion treasures. Everything from season sales, flea markets to vintage pieces. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Pro Point of View...As I studied Fashion Marketing and Communication, I would say I breathe Fashion, I analyze Fashion and I Observe Fashion in many different angles.

Designers of any kind... Up-coming, Increadible, Classical, Rebellious, Haute Couture, Mainstream, Pret a Porter etc.

About me... Covers things about me, my Life, my Outfits and my Thoughts.