Friday, July 16, 2010

Loving sales...

Sales can be very stressful places, when stores are filled with thousands of fashionistas who are all looking for the best bargains to get their hands on. One thing that I usually do one day before the sales starts is to visit some of my favourite stores to see what they offer for the sales. Usually stores prepares their hanging 1-2 days before and therefore by looking at the hanging of the garments it is easy to see what pieces will be discounted.

For example, most of the stores tend to have outfit suggestions on their racks - where trousers, blouses and other pieces are matched together by the visual merchandiser, creating a complete look. This during the seasons. But along the sales the hangings are changed to category hanging, where trousers are gathered in one place, skirts in one, shirts in one and so on. Bigger stores need days to pull this hanging together and is usually done some days before the sales start.

This technique has helped me to save many "bad buys" and makes your bargain shopping a lot easier and less stressful. So happy shopping to you all!!

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